Field Services & Bag Tagging


Field Inspection​

Ohio Seed Improvement Association (OSIA) provides third party field inspection and seed lab testing services. In addition to Certified Seed, we provide services for Quality Assurance seed and Identity Preserved grain to Ohio seed companies. We are designated as the official Noxious Weed Free Forage and Mulch (NWFF&M) Certification Agency in Ohio. Read More…

Seed Bag Tags

We are the authorized Certified tag printing agency in Ohio. In addition to Foundation, Registered & Certified tags, we also print Quality Assurance (QA) and Identity Preserved (IP) tags. Eligible members of OSIA can also print your own (PYO) tags using our proprietary Certtag printing program. Contact OSIA for more information on obtaining PYO tag printing privileges. 

Ohio Certified Seed Bags Pallet



OSIA is designated by the Ohio Legislature as the Official Seed Certifying Agency for the state of Ohio. Seed Certification is a limited generation program for assuring the genetic purity of seed. Read More…

Quality Assurance

QA is an unbiased third party program involving field inspecting, record keeping and lab testing. Our role is to help identify planting stock quality problems before seed lots enter the market place to the farmer or end user. Read More…

Identity Preserved

IP is a comprehensive system to help assure the production of genetically pure product by planting seed of a known variety, field inspection, and post harvest lab testing. Program requirements increase the probability of end users obtaining non-GMO product. Read More…

Noxious Weed Free Forage & Mulch

OSIA is the designated official NWFF&M Agency in Ohio. Program standards comply with the Regional Weed Free Forage Certification Standards developed by the  North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA). Read More…

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