ISTA Orange Certificate Authorized Sampler

Seed lots that require an ISTA Orange Certificate must have a sample pulled only by an authorized sampler. OSIA has an ISTA authorized seed sampler on staff. We are authorized to collect samples by SoDak Labs, Brookings, SD. Please contact OSIA if you want to schedule a sample to be pulled.

ISTA Orange Sampling Requirements

  • Seed must be in final state (cleaned with treatments and coatings applied)
  • All containers must be sealed in a tamper resistant way (e.g. stitched bag, valve pack bag sealed)
  • All containers must be labeled with a unique lot number attached in tamper resistant way (e.g. single line of stitching through tag)
  • Please have the seed set down and ready for the sampler. Pallets of seed must be accessible from all 4 sides