Barley Varieties

Bowers (Spring)

Bowers is an awned (bearded) six-rowed spring feed barley developed by the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station. It was released for production in 1979. Bowers had medium-early maturity and medium height, similar to Beacon. Its lodging resistance is also comparable to Beacon. Plants have large heads and above average number of tillers. Seed size is average with good test weight. Bowers is resistant to stem rust and has better resistance to mildew, spot blotch and net blotch than Larker.

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Puffin (Winter)

Puffin is a two-rowed proprietary winter malting barley exclusively licensed in 2017 to Origin Malts, by Limagrain Cereal Seeds. It is derived from the cross (‘Athos’ × ‘Maris Otter’) × ‘Igri’ and was developed by The Miln Marsters Group, Kings Lynn, Norfolk UK, and released in 1987. It has been tested in Ohio each year beginning 2010–2011. Winter-hardiness in Ohio is superior to that of U.S. two-row winter malting barley varieties Charles and Endeavor. Puffin has strong straw and is capable of producing good yields. It has resistance to Yellow and Brown rust, but is susceptible to Mildew and Net Blotch. It has medium maturity being similar to “Maja”,but two days later than “Thoroughbred”. Puffin has medium length rachilla hairs, awns longer than grain head, a semi-erect flag leaf, and a plant height of 37-39 inches at Wooster, Ohio. Other characteristics include medium to strong pigment color on the lower leaf sheaths, flag leaf auricle and awn tip. Leaf color is medium green. Puffin is a three generation variety (F,R,C). The originator specifies that Certified seed classes sold can only be used for producing grain for malting or feed purposes and grain is not to be planted or used as non-Certified seed. A license is required for seed production.

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Thoroughbred (Winter)

THOROUGHBRED is a high yielding, full season, awned, six-row hulled winter feed barley having very good straw strength, high test weight and bright plump seed. On average, head emergence of Thoroughbred is 2 days later than Wysor, 4 days later than Nomini and Price, and 6 days later than Callao. Average plant height is 3-4 inches taller than Callao and Price, and 3-4 inches shorter than Wysor and Nomini. Straw strength is similar to those of Price and Nomini, and better than those of Wysor and Callao. As a feed grain and rotational crop, Thoroughbred is superior to Nomini and Callao. Thoroughbred is resistant to powdery mildew and barley yellow dwarf virus. It is moderately susceptible to leaf rust and net blotch.

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