Seasonal, Part-Time Field Inspector

Openings: We don’t currently have any openings, but your information will be saved if any positions become available. 

Job Details: Inspectors work from home. Assigned fields are generally within 50 miles of the inspector’s house. Inspectors are required to thoroughly walk crop fields. During inspection we check for varietal purity and for other agronomic concerns such as weed problems, nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and insect problems. After a field is inspected, a detailed inspection report is written up. Training schools are conducted by OSIA periodically during the inspection season.

Job Requirements: Access to a reliable vehicle is required. A farm or agricultural background preferred. Candidate must be physically able to walk at least 3 miles a day through actively growing crop fields. Must be conscientious, self-motivated, and able to work independently. Good communication between inspectors and the OSIA office is essential.

Employment Time Frame: Inspections of crops occur at different times of the year. Small grain crop (wheat, oats, barley, rye) inspections are performed during the green stage after heading (late May-June). Soybeans are inspected at blossom (July-early August) and at maturity (Sept.-Nov.). Hours will vary week to week depending on the growth stage of the crop being inspected and the number of fields in your area.

Compensation: Inspectors are paid an hourly wage & mileage to and from the fields. Pay raises are given periodically based upon the number of years of service.

Who are our typical candidates? We have quite a few retirees, teachers, & farmers. Many inspectors are employed full-time or part-time elsewhere and do inspection work in their free time.

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