Triticale Varieties

641512175 (Surge Brand)

641512175 (SURGE Brand) was released by Northern Agri-Brands LLC. It is an awnless triticale that was selected for its awnless character, and respectable late boot stage silage yield. Surge also possesses excellent pre-dough forage quality. Surge is a hexaploid winter-type triticale that is tall in height with a late maturity. It is green at booting, with leaves that are glossy and semi-upright. Flag leaf is erect and twisted. Spikes are dense and fusiform at maturity. Glumes are glabrous, yellow in color, mid-long length, and narrow.

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841446398 (Flex 719 Brand)

841446398 (Flex 719 Brand) is an awnletted winter triticale developed by Northern Agri- Brands LLC. It was selected for its awn length, lodging resistance, substantially higher seed yield, and high silage forage yield. This variety possesses excellent lodging tolerance. Identifying characteristics are early maturity and awnletted. Recognized classes are Breeder, Foundation, Registered, and Certified. Application for Plant Variety Protection is anticipated in 2017. 

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946802617 (Gainer 154 Brand)

946802617 (Gainer 154 Brand) winter triticale is an early maturity variety with excellent stem-to-leaf ratio and good straw strength. This variety has very good winter hardiness and has a prostrate fall growth habit. 946802617 is also rated for good fall seedling vigor, high silage yields, and good silage quality. This variety has a short plant height and is awned (bearded). It is widely adapted throughout the mid-Atlantic, Central Plains, and Northern U.S. 

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The triticale variety “NT09423” is a new University of Nebraska release. It is a hexaploid, winter type triticale that is rated as very late for its maturity, being one day later the NE4227. Plant height is rated short at 114 centimeters.The plant color at boot stage is green. Anthocyanin is absent on the stem. Stem neck shape is described as straight. The flag leaf is twisted and waxy bloom is present on the leaf at boot stage. Leaf carriage is upright and the auricle color is described as white or colorless. The grain head is mid-dense, fusiform in shape and awned. Awn color is tan and the seed color is amber. Performance data indicates the variety has good winter hardiness. NT09423 is a three generation variety (F, R, C).

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